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  • Happy Hour HITT Fitness

    NEW! Your local HIIT class is here! Join us for a fun party, energetic training class. Healthy Heart with Interval Cardio. Great Music, to keep the energy flowing. Build Muscle + Burn Fat + Boost Metabolism with this specific training protocol. Join us in this NEW class and be part of this amazing community! Instructor: Julie Anderson
  • Nordic Walking - Fitness, Posture & Well Being

    Nordic Walking has been shown to be better than biking, running or swimming for an all body, low impact fitness activity. The simple addition of poles creates an all body workout complete with upright, balanced posture, improved core strength, and a stress busting rhythm all its own. Learn about the benefits (heart health, weight management, bone density, less pain, more confidence) and the specifics of the poles, followed by instruction on basic technique. The next class gives us time to become confident with the poles and increase the workout. This class is appropriate for all levels of fitness. Poles will be available for use during the class and you will be encouraged to walk at a comfortable pace and distance. Put on your walking shoes and come give it a try! Location: Highland Park, 5369 Highland Trail, Big Lake, MN. 55309. Instructor: Linda Lemke.
  • Pound Fitness Level 1 Any Fitness Levels Welcome!

    Beginner POUND is a full-body aerobic jam session that combines low resistance with persistent simulated drumming. It is suitable for all fitness levels. The 30-minute exercise incorporates cardio, isometric movements, plyometrics, and isometric postures into a single set of poses and movements.Instructor: Julie Anderson, CRT Fitness
  • Taste of Nordic Walking

    Treat yourself to a taste of Nordic Walking and turn your everyday "vanilla" walk into a "hot fudge sundae" kind of walk. With poles in hand you will enjoy a more upright posture, work your whole body and improve your overall fitness. Drop in for just a taste, learn about the many benefits, the special poles we use, and the beginning basic technique. Wear your walking shoes so you can strap on poles and step out chin up - shoulders down and back, and try it for yourself. It will "taste" so good we know you'll be back for more! We will start out in the Liberty Elementary Gym for a quick tutorial, then head outside to walk at Liberty. This event is FREE, but please bring a donation for the food shelves and register so we know how many will be attending. Instructor; Linda Lemke