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Early Childhood Screening
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About Early Childhood Screening
Early Childhood Screening begins at age 3!! In Minnesota, all children must be screened before entering Kindergarten. Early Childhood Screening is a free snapshot of how your preschooler is growing developing and learning.

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  • Early Childhood Screening - January 21

    Early Childhood Screening is held 5 times per year at Liberty Elementary. Early Childhood Screening is required for children before public school kindergarten entrance (Minnesota Statute MS 121A.17). The state of MN recommends all children be screened as early as possible. Please note that screening is NOT a readiness test for kindergarten. It is a developmental snapshot of your child at the time of screening. Your appointment will include a quick and simple check in the areas of vision, hearing, speech, motor skills and thinking skills, as well general health and growth. Parents follow their child through the process and have the opportunity to discuss their child's development with the screeners. This is a free service to all Minnesota residents. Please note…If your child has been screened through another MN school district, is enrolled in Head Start, or is in Special Education, please call to let us know, as your child may have received a comparable screening and will not be required to attend. What do I need to bring: Copy of child's birth certificate Child's current well child record with current immunizations