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  • June Gossler-Anderson's - Celebrate America! Minnesota Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients

    NEW! During this hour long power point presentation honoring the heroes this book, you will meet the 14 year-old Orphan who was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism during a Civil War battle; the Schoolmaster who took his students to war, dooming their hometown to oblivion; a Buffalo Soldier; the Commander of the USS Arizona who went down with his ship at Pearl Harbor; a Hungarian Freedom Fighter who signed up to fight Commies in Vietnam; and a host of other brave men who fought and died for their country. Instructor: June Gossler-Anderson, Anoka County Historical Society Zoom link will be emailed 2 days before class date - please provide current email and contact information when registering.
  • June Gossler-Anderson's - Experience History with a Paranormal Twist Though Haunted Anoka

    NEW! Through the magic of Power Point, your guide will take you on a virtual trip through forgotten Anoka to hear the stories of the people who once lived there and, according to some, are still hanging around. During this hour long presentation she will tell you of long ago Anoka - of the Jackson Hotel, now Billy’s, the old Post Office, Colonial Hall, the Masonic Lodge, and some infamous residences, all haunted, of course. Instructor: June Gossler-Anderson, Anoka County Historical Society Zoom link will be emailed 2 days before class date - please provide current email and contact information when registering.
  • June Gossler-Anderson's - History and Hauntings of the Emerald Isle

    NEW! Ireland is famous for its “thin places,” a membrane or a thin layer between worlds that cross over each other. From pagan times to present, Ireland’s dark history has been recorded in its abbeys and churches, forts and castles, jails and graveyards by those who lived during those turbulent times and often perished because of them. Their ghosts are eyewitnesses to this history. Sometimes, they are the history. June Gossler Anderson has traveled from her hometown of Anoka, Minnesota, the Halloween Capital of the World, where ghosts abound (and she leads Ghost Tours) to Ireland, to check out their ghostly residents as well. In researching these haunted places she has found the history that produced these earth-bound spirits to be as fascinating as the ghosts themselves. Based on her book, Hauntings and History of the Emerald Isle, she invites you to join her in this hour-long power point presentation as we Travel on the Dark Side. Zoom link will be emailed 2 days before class date - please provide current email and contact information when registering.
  • June Gossler-Anderson's - Holiday in Krakow Poland

    NEW! Join us for this presentation of the Old World. We will partake of the wonders of the medieval Market Square alive with Christmas and Santa Claus, and visit the open-air cloth market filled with wonderous gifts. We’ll view a 1,100 year- old church that has sunk up to the 2nd floor, and the Church of the Virgin Mary that was the scene of a deadly competition between two brothers as they vied to build the tallest tower. And no visit to Krakow would be complete without a visit to Wawel Castle where we will encounter the fire-breathing statue of Smok, the Polish dragon, that lived in a cave underneath the castle. As part of our Christmas adventure we will join a gala VIP event, attend a New Year’s Eve concert, and sample the cuisine in one of Krakow’s historic restaurants. And throughout our virtual armchair tour of a Krakow Christmas we will be exploring some of the history and legends that make up the rich tapestry of Polish culture. Instructor: June Gossler-Anderson, Anoka County Historical Society Zoom link will be emailed 2 days before class date - please provide current email and contact information when registering.
  • June Gossler-Anderson's - How to Publish Your Book Without Going Broke!

    So, you’ve written a book. Now what? Whether you’ve written the great American novel and want to share with the world; or your memoirs to pass on to family and friends - this class is for you. In the first session you will learn how to prepare your manuscript for publishing; the business of selling your books; and some tips on marketing and promotion. The second session will be a hands-on learning experience of preparing your manuscript and cover in Microsoft Word, setting up a Kindle Direct Publishing account, uploading your files and publishing your book on Amazon. Updated Guide book included. Instructors: June Gossler Anderson and Todd Anderson
  • June Gossler-Anderson's - Tracking Dracula

    NEW! From the stone cold crypt beneath St. Michan’s Church in Dublin, to the magnificent ruin of Whitby Abbey in England, to the storied castles of Romania once frequented by Vlad Tepes, known by reputation as “Vlad the Impaler,” June Gossler Anderson traces the stories and the influences that led to the creation of Bram Stoker’s timeless masterpiece of horror, Dracula. June is the author of ten published books; two of them histories with a paranormal twist, along with a fictional multicultural mystery of supernatural proportions. She has traveled on the dark side to five different Old World countries with her group of paranormal peeps. It is upon her travels to three of them, Ireland, England, and Transylvania in Romania, that her hour-long power point presentation, “Tracking Dracula,” is based for you to enjoy in the comfort and safety of your armchair. Zoom link will be emailed 2 days before class date - please provide current email and contact information when registering.
  • Medicare 101

    What exactly is Medicare? What’s Part A? This class will take the mystery out of Medicare. Part A, B, C and D: what do they cover and when can I enroll? What is new with Medicare? You will get the answers to all of your questions in the class. A must for those close to, or thinking about, retiring. Instructor: Stefany Jessen, Senior Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
  • Medicare 101 Zoom Presentation by Minnesota Senior LinkAge

    Medicare is a federal health insurance program that covers millions of older adults and people with disabilities and is available for people age 65 and older. Understanding Medicare can sometimes be complicated and overwhelming. Join us for any of Minnesota's Senior LinkAge’s FREE Medicare presentations. Call to register for one or more of these informational presentations and view them right from your home. Call Senior LinkAge at 1-800-333-2433 to register and provide email and contact information. Direct link to preview and see what these plans are all about. It's never too early to start gathering information at: Contact Minnesota Senior LinkAge for zoom presentation dates. Once registered, they will email you the zoom link to view this presentation.
  • Minnesota Starwatch Party with Mike Lynch

    NEW! Make the stars your old friends as we watch the great celestial show in the skies over Big Lake. We’ll have giant telescopes aimed at Jupiter, Saturn, star clusters, galaxies, and more. Live video telescopes will also be available. Get to know constellations like The Big Bear, Cygnus the Swan, Pegasus the Winged Horse, and others. Great constellation mythological stories will also be featured! Instructor: Mike Lynch, WCCO Meteorologist
  • Moving Mom & Dad - 5 Common Mistakes Children of Aging Parents Make & How to Avoid Them!

    NEW! Many baby boomers today are facing the tough decision of finding appropriate housing options for their parents. Moving mom and dad is often a challenge, especially when mom and dad are reluctant to address the issue. In this class we will discuss and give an overview of the housing market in general for those considering buying or selling a home. We also proved a guide called Moving Mom & Dad, a $24.95 value. The guide covers the five common mistakes children of aging parents make and how to avoid them. The guide also includes the following topics: Conversation starters for discussing late-life housing choices with aging parents, Solutions for remodeling homes designed for aging-in-place, Descriptions for common senior living options and 55+ communities, Key questions to ask when researching assisted living and long-term care communities, Tips and criteria for hiring key service providers, Frequently Asked Questions and much more. Access to preferred service providers and discount coupons provided to all attendees as well as a no cost home evaluation for those who want to know the value of their home and recommended suggestions to make it more sellable. Instructor: John Mazzara
  • Paint & Pint - Snow Bird

    NEW! Join Mandi at Lupulin to create this beautiful cardinal on a wood fence. With help and guidance, step-by-step anyone can paint! Dress for a mess and bring your positive vibes, everything else you need will be provided! Beverages available for purchase. Instructor: Mandi Sabourin
  • Paint & Sip - Straw Gnome

    NEW! Join Mandi for an all skill level friendly painting event at McPete's Sports Bar & Lanes! With help and guidance you can paint this adorable Straw Gnome! Dress for a mess and bring your positive vibes - everything else you need will be provided! Beverages will be available for purchase. Instructor: Mandi Sabourin
  • Paint Your Barn Quilt Class - Pierced Star

    Barn Quilts are an original Appalachian art form. The first barn quilt originated in Ohio, and the quilt pattern was the Ohio Star. The initial idea was to brighten up the countryside as people were traveling in their vehicles. Soon, barn quilt trails were formed, and they can be found throughout the United States. Barn quilts are not just for barns, they can be displayed on out buildings, garages and homes. The pattern for this class is a Pierced Star, with a slight variation of the quilt pattern. It will be painted on a 2 ft. x 2 ft. piece of plywood that has been primed. The pattern will be on the primed board just waiting for you to paint it in. In class, we will go through the process of completing your barn quilt from painting to sealing. This class meets on Sat., Nov. 12 from 9-5pm. You will need to bring the following items: *Acrylic paint - (2 fl. oz size. You will need at least 3 colors, no more than 5 and can be purchased from Hobby Lobby Michaels *Hair Dryer | *Extension Cord | *Apron (old one you don't care if you get paint on it) | *12 inch turn table | *Scissors | * Bag Lunch
  • Pumpkins & Power Tools!

    NEW! How would you like to take pumpkin carving to the next level? Join us at Lupulin to create some amazing pumpkins with the help from the MN Tool Library supplying all of the Power Tools. This will be an event you won’t want to miss! ** Beverages available for purchase on site ** All participants will need to bring their own pumpkins ** ** Waiver form will be emailed to you 3 days before class starts, please bring with you ** ** Big Lake School Employees (must provide school email address) registration will be at no charge ** ** General Public fee is $15 ea **
  • Gracie in puppy training class (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Puppy Kindergarten 9 wks - 6 mo | Ages 12+ years

    Teach your puppy basic obedience commands with the guidance of an expert trainer. Your pup will learn how to sit, stay, lay down and more! Playtime will take place to help puppies learn appropriate social skills. Basic immunizations per your Veterinarians protocol is required. Please list your dog's name, birthdate and breed when registering. Address: 4300 School Blvd., Monticello, MN. Enter lower level of building. Instructor: Andrea Dubay
  • Sewing Machine Maintenance

    NEW! Does your sewing machine need some cleaning? Come learn how to maintain your machine yourself. Gary Bank has 6 years of repairing various makes and models of sewing machines. He will help us learn how to take care of them on our own and how often we should be cleaning and doing regular maintenance on them Please bring your sewing machine, the tools that came with your machine (small screwdriver, allen wrench, etc.), a small lint brush or toothbrush, thread (both a spool and a bobbin preferable in 2 different colors) and a small piece of cotton fabric to test your machine out on. It is recommended that you wear clothes that could get dirty as you will be taking apart your own machine. *Please Note: This is a free program but all participants must be pre-registered. Instructor: Gary Banks
  • Social Ballroom Dance

    NEW! Convinced that you have 2-left feet and that dancing is not meant for you? Or, someone you know? But still… it would be helpful to know a few steps. Just in case…A little bit Rumba, a touch Foxtrot, a smattering of Waltz and a jazzed up “high school prom Swing & Sway” are all it takes! With fun moves & simple tips you’ll be out on the dance floor in no time! Couples only please! Instructor: Monica Mohn, three-time "USA Dance" National Ballroom Champion
  • The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: An In Depth Anaylsis

    NEW! This course will examine the discrepancies between the Warren Commission that investigated the assassination for ten months and published their findings in September 1964; along with the conclusions reached by the United States House of Representatives that investigated the assassination for thirty-one months and published their report in March 1979. The participants will develop a rounded perspective regarding many of the controversies surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy. Each of the sessions will have ample time for participant comments and questions. Instructor: David Yorks. Note: Please pre-register for this FREE event held at Big Lake Great River Regional Library located at: 790 Minnesota Ave. Big Lake, MN. 55309 Register with Great River @ 763-263-6445, or online @ Big Lake CE 763-262-2523 Oct 12 & 13 | 1-3 pm | Wed/Thur | AC-215
  • Winter Holiday Cookie Exchange

    NEW! Let’s bake a bunch of cookies for the holidays! Bring your friends and family or just come and meet some new friends!! After a few hours of fun baking and conversation, you will go home with 5-6 dozens of Holiday Goodies!! Instructor will supply all ingredients, dough, frosting and sprinkles. Please bring $20 at night of class to pay Charlene for ingredients along with 3-4 larger containers. This class will be held at Monticello....Address....Instructor: Charlene Bzdok Deadline to register is Monday Dec. 5