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Choose from more than 10 levels in our Red Cross-inspired swim classes for ages 6 months to 18 years

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  • Kids Club: Swimming Lessons

    NOTE: "FOR Kids Club Families Only! "Turtle Levels are not included in these lessons" "In order to attend these swim lessons your child/children must also attend Kids Club during these class dates" Kids Club again will be offering an exclusive opportunity for our participants to take swimming lessons during the day at a discount! During the registration process, you will be asked what level your child should be in. Kids Club participants must be scheduled to attend the dates that swim lessons are offered. Class times: Otters 8-8:40, Dolphins & Sharks 8:40-9:20 am. Use the descriptions below for reference. If you have any questions, please contact the Community Education Office at 763-262-2523. Otter 1 (Level 1) In this class, swimmers learn to create their foundation. Swimmers will be introduced to underwater streamline, swimming and kicking longer distances, building on their treading skills, and jumping in from the side and swimming a certain distance. This class is 30 minutes. Otter 2 (Level 1 Advanced) In this class swimmers will build on the foundations from Otter 1. Swimmers will work on swimming and kicking longer distances, explore simultaneous arm and leg motions on their stomach and back. Swimmers will focus on body position, control and directional change. This class is 30 minutes. Dolphin 1 (Level 2) In this class, swimmers will develop stroke technique in front and backstroke, and introduce the breaststroke kick and diving. Swimmers will continue to build on their endurance by learning rotary breathing. This class is 40 minutes. Dolphin 2 (Level 3) This class will focus on stroke introduction and will continue with stroke technique and diving. Swimmers will be introduced to the dolphin kick and timed swimming events. Students will also be introduced to the butterfly in this class. This class is 40 minutes. Shark 1 (Level 4) In this class, swimmers will learn all four competitive strokes and technique work on how to improve their swimming abilities. Swimmers will also be introduced to starts and turns while building their endurance for Shark 5. This class is 50 minutes. Shark 2 (Level 5) In this advanced class swimmers will refine their strokes and learn about competitive swimming. Swimmers will gain endurance and learn skills on how to incorporate swimming into a healthy lifestyle. This class is 50 minutes. Please make sure you pick the level that is most appropriate for your swimmer. If your swimmer has taken lessons before, please answer during registration what the highest level they passed was. Aquatics staff will move children as needed based on their ability the first day of lessons.